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Stable Stories Newletter

2015 Youth Horsemanship Participation Forms are ready to download! YHP.PDF

Since Stable Days Youth Ranch was established in 2011 as a 501(c)3, our primary faith based mission has been to support and encourage youth down a path of personal development.  Our inclusive and COST FREE program allows ALL KIDS, ages 5 - 17, including those whom are healthy, those considered disadvantaged or disabled, or those whom are labeled at-risk to experience the many benefits of adventure and equine based mentoring.    
We facilitate one-on-one sessions, using , agriculture, art, nature, adventure and specifically the nature of a horse to accomplish goals that are designed and set based on each child’s unique life story.  Youth are supported and encouraged through the adventure and sometimes unpredictability of every session.  Active involvement with moments of evaluation and reflection lead to intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and emotional learning and development. 
Encouragement is emphasized and participants have the freedom to make decisions, choices and even mistakes as they discover unexpected friendships, new capabilities and an enthusiasm for life. Experiencing authentic peace and nurturing a heart of thankfulness, children can accept the freeing truth that life is often both good and hard.